We are thrilled to present a variety of ticketing options for the Next Steps Conference 2024, crafted to meet the wide-ranging needs and schedules of our attendees. Our offerings are divided into three categories: Passes, A la Carte options, and Free Activities & Independent Workshops. 

Passes are your gateway to an all-encompassing conference experience, granting you full access to every keynote, breakout session, workshop, and networking event. It is the perfect choice for those eager to dive deep into our comprehensive program.

For those seeking specific experiences or unable to commit to the full duration, our A la Carte options allow the flexibility to select and pay for only the days or events you are interested in. This customization ensures your participation aligns perfectly with your interests and time.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce our Free Activities & Independent Workshops category, offering no-cost sessions and workshops independent of the main conference agenda. These activities provide valuable insights and learning opportunities without needing a conference pass or ticket, perfect for attendees looking for targeted engagements or those exploring the conference for the first time. No matter your preference, whether an immersive experience, tailored participation, or selective engagement with our free offerings, we have a ticket type to match every attendee’s desire.

Explore our diverse range of pass options for the Next Steps Conference 2024, each designed to cater to your unique conference experience:

3-Day Virtual Pass: Perfect for attendees joining from afar, this pass provides three-day comprehensive access to our virtual conference platform. You’ll be able to stream keynotes, participate in breakout sessions, and easily engage in virtual networking. This pass also includes access to the Whova app, enhancing your remote conference experience with interactive features and content.

4-Day Pass: For those attending in person and looking to soak in the full atmosphere of the conference, this pass offers access to all daytime activities across four days. Enjoy the added benefit of complimentary Friday, Saturday, and Sunday lunch, facilitating greater networking opportunities. Plus, manage your conference experience on the go with included access to the Whova app.

VIP Pass: Elevate your conference experience with our VIP Pass, granting you access to every event, including VIP-exclusive sessions. This premium option encompasses all the advantages of the 4-Day Pass and invites you to a special networking night with heavy hors d’oeuvres and a film screening. With complimentary lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and extended access to the Whova app for live and on-demand content during and post-conference, the VIP Pass ensures a genuinely immersive and luxurious conference journey.

Choose the pass that best aligns with your preferences and prepare for an enriching experience at the Next Steps Conference 2024.

A La Carte Options for Next Steps Conference 2024

Customize your conference experience with our A La Carte registration options, allowing personalized participation that aligns with your interests and schedule. Select from our diverse range of day and evening events:

Day Events:

  • Thursday Only:

    • Begin your journey with access to Thursday’s full lineup of daytime events, setting the stage for an enriching conference experience.
    • Includes Digital Access to ALL Sessions and Whoa Event App Access.
    • Afternoon Snacks & Beverages Included (NO LUNCH)
  • Friday Only:

    • Dive into Friday’s agenda filled with enlightening daytime activities. Enjoy continuous coffee, beverages, snacks, and a buffet lunch offering 3 GF/CF protein choices, including vegan options.
    • Includes Digital Access to ALL Sessions and Whoa Event App Access.
  • Saturday Only:

    • Engage fully with Saturday’s comprehensive schedule of daytime activities. Coffee, beverages, snacks, and a buffet lunch complement the day.
    • Includes Digital Access to ALL Sessions and Whoa Event App Access.
  • Sunday Special: Next Steps for Nurses:

    • A day dedicated to nursing professionals, featuring expert talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities designed to advance careers and enhance skills in the nursing field.
    • Includes Digital Access to ALL Sessions and Whoa Event App Access.

Evening Events:

  • Film Screening – SPELLERS (Thursday Night):

    • An exclusive screening of SPELLERS, offering a compelling narrative set in the world of competitive spelling.
  • Networking Night (Friday Night):

    • An evening of networking with heavy hors-d’oeuvres, optional cocktail attire, and a range of entertainment and activities designed to facilitate meaningful connections.
  • VIP Dinner & GALA (Saturday Night):

    • A BLACK TIE optional gala event featuring a keynote speaker, live entertainment, DJ, and a buffet dinner with diverse dietary options, marking a grand culmination of the conference.

Each A La Carte option is thoughtfully curated to offer flexibility and enrich your conference experience, whether you prefer to focus on specific day events or join the exclusive evening gatherings. Customize your itinerary to match your personal and professional interests for a unique conference journey.

For detailed information on each option and to tailor your conference experience, please visit our official registration page.

Free Activities & Independent Workshops at Next Steps Conference 2024

Maximize your conference experience with our range of complimentary activities and workshops, open to all attendees:

  • Morning Yoga: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Morning Prayer and Meditation: Thursday to Sunday
  • Restore Freedom, Health & Prosperity: Sunday
  • Creating Your Own Sanctuary: Sunday
  • Advocacy In Action – Medical Kidnapping: Sunday

Additionally, the Health Freedom and Wellness Fair is open to the public and free on both the opening and closing day of the conference, showcasing the latest in health and wellness innovations.

These sessions and events are designed to enhance the main conference agenda, offering opportunities for personal growth, relaxation, and engagement on critical issues. No additional registration is required for these activities.

Join us to enrich your Next Steps Conference experience with these engaging and informative sessions and events.

Angel Tickets at Next Steps Conference 2024

In the spirit of inclusivity and community support, the Next Steps Conference is proud to offer “Angel Tickets,” a scholarship initiative made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and donors. These 4-Day Passes are awarded free to individuals who would greatly benefit from attending the conference but cannot afford it due to financial constraints.

For Donors: Contribute to this meaningful cause by donating $200, which will fund an Angel Ticket for an individual in need. Your donation directly enables someone’s participation, enriching their life and professional journey. We select the deserving recipients, ensuring your generosity reaches those who can benefit most.

Click HERE to Donate Angel Tickets

For Nominees and Applicants: Do you know someone who should be at Next Steps but can’t afford to come? Or perhaps you need this opportunity? Angel Tickets can either be nominated by someone else or requested by individuals. To nominate someone or request an Angel Ticket, please send an  email to Tia Severino at   nextstepsatlanta@gmail.com with the subject “Angel Ticket Nomination” or “Angel Ticket Request.” Include the reasons for the nomination or request and share a little about the nominee’s or your story.

We aim to honor most Angel Ticket requests, distributing them on a first-come, first-served basis until our supply is depleted. This initiative is at the heart of our conference’s mission to make growth, learning, and networking opportunities accessible to all, ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent anyone from participating in this transformative event.